Directory: Now online! Launching the City Collaboratory Directory

The directory aims to create, network and visualize a community of urban scholars working in Switzerland

When the City Collaboratory was established to create a community of urban scholars in 2020, it was an improvised, bottom-up initiative with an open end. In our first workshop in Zurich, scholars from across Switzerland discovered points of connection, both in their theoretical and empirical work. The workshop left us with feelings of excitement about future possibilities and a wealth of joint ideas on how to push collaborative projects. The CC Directory was one of them. It works to further institutionalize the City Collaboratory and advances three aims:

  1. To further promote and advance urban research in Swiss institutions at a time of profound urban transformation.
  2. To allow Swiss and international scholars to establish connections between urban disciplines, to promote dialogue between institutions, and to develop further collaboration.
  3. To showcase current urban research for a non-academic audience and enable transdisciplinary dialogue.

Please sign up to the directory and join this dynamic growing network of urban scholars!